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Keep your driving record clean and avoid high auto insurance rates after completing our Texas Defensive Driving Course from home. We make dismissing a ticket easy and keep your insurance rates low.

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Avoid points on your driving record
Dismiss your traffic ticket
Keep your insurance rates from increasing
Complete the entire course online at your convenience
Tina Evans
by Tina Evans
2 days ago
Great. Course online uts only 4hrs and you can still do your daily activities and finish the course on your time .
Ethan Keller
by Ethan Keller
3 days ago
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Darcy Wan
by Darcy Wan
3 days ago
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by Obey_Ebo
5 days ago
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Coleen Scholfield
by Coleen Scholfield
6 days ago
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Tyler Wilcox
by Tyler Wilcox
7 days ago
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Raenell Perez
by Raenell Perez
9 days ago
Easy, understandable and l love that I could do it at my own pace and come back to it when I was busy.
Melinda W
by Melinda W
10 days ago
Really great and easy process start from registering for the online course. I would highly recommend taking the course helpful tips for road safety.
Vicente Molina
by Vicente Molina
10 days ago
Fast good costumer service —advice pay for audio It woth that way you do not have to read all the texts They will take care of every thing for you The best you can pause and do your shores And come back log in again and contiinue your class Love it🙂
carinas tss
by carinas tss
11 days ago
This is a legit site I was able to log in multiple times a week for an hour or so a day and completed my online class so smoothly. I'm so happy I found this site I will definitely recommend it.
Angel Pauls
by Angel Pauls
11 days ago
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Sheila Rose
by Sheila Rose
12 days ago
Great course. No Hassles. I would highly recommend
Greg Goebel
by Greg Goebel
12 days ago
The best thing of all the course was actually informative easy to comprehend and the least expensive it wasn't highway robbery it was highway traffic school
vilma hernandez
by vilma hernandez
12 days ago
This user only left a rating
Lori Still
by Lori Still
12 days ago
This user only left a rating
Patricia Heidenescher
by Patricia Heidenescher
15 days ago
Fast and easy to use!
Cha'Manique Frazier
by Cha'Manique Frazier
18 days ago
This user only left a rating
Charles “Charlie” Loggins
by Charles “Charlie” Loggins
19 days ago
Super easy
david grimes
by david grimes
19 days ago
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Evan Putrus
by Evan Putrus
19 days ago
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Gustavo McGrew
by Gustavo McGrew
20 days ago
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Debra Bohnke
by Debra Bohnke
21 days ago
Got the job done with minimal fuss. Easy to navigate site.
james Keys
by james Keys
21 days ago
This user only left a rating
Ernesto Lucero
by Ernesto Lucero
21 days ago
Videos are clear and well explained, I greatly recommended :
Barbara Faust
by Barbara Faust
21 days ago
Great course and highly recommend! Very informative, and easy to use on any electronic device. I thought the slides and videos helped clarify the subjects of each section very well. This course should be required for high school juniors or seniors, or even offered at senior citizen centers. It's a ... Moregreat refresher course for all ages.
Edward Wickens
by Edward Wickens
23 days ago
This class is required for a Florida’s Learners Permit, my daughter used Highway Traffic School to obtain her permit. The Florida DMV received all the necessary documentation which was provided electronically from Highway Traffic School. I only wish I had bundle class with test, this would have ... Moresaved $. Also don’t purchasing DHSMV Verification $4.99, from Highway Traffic School, I never received verification from them. I was unsure if Florida DMV had received her results in their system when we went to pick up her permit. So financially save yourself $ and bundle and don’t pay the extra $4.99. Although I overpaid a bit, it was actually worth it because the course was really that great. The videos were well done, and my teenager learned a ton. This is a very professionally done online class, it’s worth the price.
Thomas Carter
by Thomas Carter
23 days ago
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Flight Discharge
by Flight Discharge
24 days ago
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Lina Rojas
by Lina Rojas
26 days ago
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Wenonah Holmes
by Wenonah Holmes
29 days ago
Great traffic school. Easy, informative, straightforward. Only annoying thing is that I read fast then I need to wait the alloted time required to spend reading each slide before going on to the next one.
Juan Vogeler
by Juan Vogeler
29 days ago
As advertised.
Alejandro Urbina Alva
by Alejandro Urbina Alva
a month ago
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Jay Kay
by Jay Kay
a month ago
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Khalid Ahmed
by Khalid Ahmed
a month ago
Easy class. Take it at your own pace. NO ONE FAILS
Angel Kirk
by Angel Kirk
a month ago
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Dayna Szilagyi
by Dayna Szilagyi
a month ago
The material was easy to understand and it was easy to navigate and complete.
Jeptha Jackson
by Jeptha Jackson
a month ago
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Mitchell Blocker
by Mitchell Blocker
a month ago
Excell class and material to where one will learn a lot more than expected.
Joey Hergatt
by Joey Hergatt
a month ago
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Phillip Parkinson
by Phillip Parkinson
a month ago
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Daniel Walker
by Daniel Walker
a month ago
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by D W
a month ago
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STACY Francis
by STACY Francis
a month ago
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Leonardo Azevedo
by Leonardo Azevedo
a month ago
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Yolan Miller
by Yolan Miller
a month ago
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Mariana Machado
by Mariana Machado
a month ago
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Popular Texas Defensive Driving Questions

How long is the Texas Defensive Driving course?

Texas law requires that online traffic school be at least 6-hours long. This means that the number of chapters or units doesn't matter. All students must spend the same minimum amount of time per Texas rules.

You may pause and start the course as many times as you like, we will keep track of your work. You may take as many breaks as needed by working at your own pace.

How long does it take to receive my Certificate of Completion?

We electronically report your completion to the TDLR and mail your certificate to you.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive your certificate of completion immediately for download. We will also email you a copy of your certificate. There is no longer a need to wait. We do not charge extra for this fast service.

It may be 2 to 5 business days before your court can validate your certificate in the state’s electronic certificate system. You can check to see if your record has been added by selecting "Validate a Driving Safety Certificate" at this site:

What if I need more time to complete traffic school?

If you haven't finished your traffic school course yet, it's not too late. You can contact the court and ask for an extension. This will give you more time to finish the course and provide the court with your certificate. Completing the course is always better than letting your deadline pass.

Will I need to verify my identity?

Yes, all schools are required by law to verify your identity. Highway Traffic School makes it easy, and you don't need to fill out any forms or answer any personal questions. We don't use any third-party databases to collect your information.

You will be asked to take a picture of your driver's license before starting the course. Throughout the course, you will be asked to take selfies at random to prove your identity. This is how we make sure you are the one taking the course. You can be assured that your information is 100% secure. We use AI technology that recognizes your face from your driver's license picture to match it to a selfie you take.


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