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Diana Achieng
by Diana Achieng
2 days ago
This user only left a rating
Jesus Medina
by Jesus Medina
2 days ago
It was a very easy-to-read course.. I recommend it.
Megan Verdugo
by Megan Verdugo
2 days ago
This user only left a rating
Elisa prado
by Elisa prado
5 days ago
This user only left a rating
Sivaraju Palaniappan
by Sivaraju Palaniappan
5 days ago
Course had detailed content
Kay Bradshaw
by Kay Bradshaw
6 days ago
This user only left a rating
Eric Avila
by Eric Avila
7 days ago
This user only left a rating
Paula K.
by Paula K.
8 days ago
Clear and straightforward. This should be in all driver's ed. classes and a pamphlet with what will happen to you if you break these rules should be in every teenager's car as a reminder. I actually enjoyed this Highway Traffic School. Excellent and easy. Best price too.
Ruperto Esmas
by Ruperto Esmas
8 days ago
You’ll learn a lot Easy to follow Highly recommended ….
Wesley Speen
by Wesley Speen
9 days ago
Instructions were easy to follow. No trick questions but a wealth of knowledge.
Amber Hathaway
by Amber Hathaway
9 days ago
This user only left a rating
Tatiana Montoya
by Tatiana Montoya
9 days ago
It’s was very simple! I’d recommend it to anyone
Lance David
by Lance David
11 days ago
Very informative.
Christopher Saint-Louis
by Christopher Saint-Louis
11 days ago
This user only left a rating
Mariana Toledo
by Mariana Toledo
12 days ago
This user only left a rating
Ron smith
by Ron smith
12 days ago
This user only left a rating
Daniel Hobi
by Daniel Hobi
13 days ago
This user only left a rating
Микола Ахметов
by Микола Ахметов
13 days ago
This user only left a rating
robert burns
by robert burns
13 days ago
This user only left a rating
14 days ago
This user only left a rating
Marco Jesus
by Marco Jesus
15 days ago
Very good thanks
cember broom
by cember broom
16 days ago
This user only left a rating
Rachel Cabeza Brunet
by Rachel Cabeza Brunet
17 days ago
This user only left a rating
Anna Rudacille
by Anna Rudacille
18 days ago
It was quick and easy.
Edward Avetisyan
by Edward Avetisyan
19 days ago
Matt Ellsworth
by Matt Ellsworth
20 days ago
Great, affordable site for traffic safety school. The process was simple, and the site worked great whether on a computer or smart phone. Would recommend to anyone who needs traffic school.
Julie Attaway
by Julie Attaway
20 days ago
This user only left a rating
Charles Manzanares
by Charles Manzanares
21 days ago
It was really helpful and easily understood 5/5
elayaraja ponnuswamy
by elayaraja ponnuswamy
23 days ago
The online course and test were Neatly structured and easy to follow through
Mario Castro
by Mario Castro
24 days ago
Easy and convenient!
Leonard Vargas
by Leonard Vargas
25 days ago
User friendly, perfect to take tour time with it.
Nicki Marie
by Nicki Marie
29 days ago
I loved using this site to take my defensive traffic course! It was easy to navigate, it was easy to understand and comprehend, it was step by step and by far the best online traffic school! I would recommend this specific traffic school to anyone who needs or wants to take this course! I am more ... Morethan satisfied!!! Thank you!!!!
Cory McCoy
by Cory McCoy
29 days ago
This user only left a rating
Mario Rios
by Mario Rios
29 days ago
Excelente course, easy to navigate
Nilsa Cruz
by Nilsa Cruz
a month ago
This user only left a rating
Daneshvari Sheth
by Daneshvari Sheth
a month ago
This user only left a rating
Zoey Zhu
by Zoey Zhu
a month ago
This user only left a rating
Gabrianna Quiros
by Gabrianna Quiros
a month ago
Easy clap
abby lol
by abby lol
a month ago
Very simple and well structured! Quick.
Janie Phare
by Janie Phare
a month ago
This user only left a rating
Katherine McGrue
by Katherine McGrue
a month ago
This was my first ticket in life and your traffic school was an awesome experience!!! I saved the link so if I have to refer anybody else. The rep that needed to help me was very pleasant as well. Very easy system to navigate and with my schedule, I was thoroughly pleased that I was able to log in ... Moreand out. 5 stars for sure and well deserved. ~Katherine
George Powwers
by George Powwers
a month ago
Good refreshment information and update of Arizona traffic laws.
Wasabi Soy sauce
by Wasabi Soy sauce
a month ago
Easy to navigate and affordable. Best thing to do is pay attention to the road so you don’t get flashed and ticket two weeks after 😁
Pablo Amaya
by Pablo Amaya
a month ago
This user only left a rating
Rosie Paluch
by Rosie Paluch
a month ago
This user only left a rating
Aris Vazquez
by Aris Vazquez
a month ago
This user only left a rating
Rich Haag
by Rich Haag
a month ago
This user only left a rating
N. Jordan Mkwanazi
by N. Jordan Mkwanazi
a month ago
The information was detailed, we'll sequenced and easy to understand.
Arcelie Villa
by Arcelie Villa
a month ago
This user only left a rating
Santiago Ceron
by Santiago Ceron
a month ago
I had a very good experience doing my exam with the Highway Traffic School, the modules were very easy to understand and they were very fast to send the documentation to the DMV
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Highway Traffic School is a great way to take the entire course online from any device. We’ll dismiss your traffic ticket, keep points off of your driving record and lower insurance rates! Our court-approved defensive driving course only requires 11 simple sections.

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The course is designed to make you feel confident and qualified, with an open book format that makes reading easy. You’ll take quizzes throughout the lessons on what you’ve learned so far. No need for a final exam. You are guaranteed to pass!

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Our online defensive driving course, you can take as many breaks and work around your busy schedule. Your progress is saved automatically so that when it’s time to finish up again — all of these skills will be fresh in mind!

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Driving Safety Course Online

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Most Popular Texas Defensive Driving Questions

How long is the Texas Defensive Driving course?

Texas law requires that online traffic school be at least 6-hours long. This means that the number of chapters or units doesn't matter. All students must spend the same minimum amount of time per Texas rules.

You may pause and start the course as many times as you like, we will keep track of your work. You may take as many breaks as needed by working at your own pace.

How long does it take to receive my Certificate of Completion?

We electronically report your completion to the TDLR and mail your certificate to you.

Once you have completed the course, you will receive your certificate of completion immediately for download. We will also email you a copy of your certificate. There is no longer a need to wait. We do not charge extra for this fast service.

It may be 2 to 5 business days before your court can validate your certificate in the state’s electronic certificate system. You can check to see if your record has been added by selecting "Validate a Driving Safety Certificate" at this site: https://www.tdlr.texas.gov/DESSearch.

What if I need more time to complete traffic school?

If you haven't finished your traffic school course yet, it's not too late. You can contact the court and ask for an extension. This will give you more time to finish the course and provide the court with your certificate. Completing the course is always better than letting your deadline pass.

Will I need to verify my identity?

Yes, all schools are required by law to verify your identity. Highway Traffic School makes it easy, and you don't need to fill out any forms or answer any personal questions. We don't use any third-party databases to collect your information.

You will be asked to take a picture of your driver's license before starting the course. Throughout the course, you will be asked to take selfies at random to prove your identity. This is how we make sure you are the one taking the course. You can be assured that your information is 100% secure. We use AI technology that recognizes your face from your driver's license picture to match it to a selfie you take.


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