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Before You Register

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Get Permission From The Court

Before you enroll in a Texas Defensive Driving Course (also known as the Texas Driving Safety Course), you must contact the court assigned to you on your ticket on or before the court date provided. In addition, you will need to notify the court that you would like to take a defensive driving course to dismiss your ticket.

The court will advise if you are eligible and request you to:

Pay the required court fines.
Plead guilty or no contest to the violation.
Provide any additional requirements to dismiss your ticket.
Complete your course on time at a given due date for credit.
Submit your signed certificate of completion as proof of completion.

Make Sure You Are Eligible To Attend

Before taking a Texas Defensive Driving Course, make sure you can attend. The easiest way to find out if you are eligible is to contact the court. The court will check your prior driving record and advise you if you can take a defensive driving course to dismiss your current ticket. You can attend a defensive driving course once for one violation every 12 months in Texas.

If you like additional details on eligibility, see our Texas Defensive Driving Eligibility page.

Sign Up For The Course

Once you have court permission and have paid your fines, you can sign up for your online Texas Defensive Driving course.

You will need:

Grey outline of a driver's licenseTexas defensive driving course license and ticket.
Your ticket information and driver's license.
Grey outline of a registration formTexas defensive driving course registration form.
Fill out our registration form online.
Grey outline of a credit cardTexas defensive driving course payment.
Pay for your course — we accept all major credit cards, debits cards, and PayPal.
Grey outline of a driving carTexas defensive driving course type 3a driving record.
Don't forget to get a copy of your Type 3A Driving Record.

Most courts in Texas require you to present a copy of your driving record with your completion certificate once you have finished your course for credit. The cheapest way to get your 3A Driving Record is by downloading a copy directly from the Texas Department of Public Safety website.

You can request a copy from the Texas DPS for just $10 — the cost will be much more getting it directly from a school in most cases. There is no need to pay a school to process or receive your certified Type 3A Driving Record.

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 Refund Policy

Refund policies vary by course and state. Please navigate to the desired course to view its specific refund policy.