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California Online Traffic School

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Easiest and quickest online traffic school that meets California requirements to hide your driving ticket points at your own pace.

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Know Your Total Price Before You Pay.

How much is traffic school in California?

To take traffic school in California, you must first pay your fine with the court that has been assigned to you and listed on your ticket. The court will advise if you are eligible to attend traffic school and require you to pay an election fee. This election fee is separate from what you pay to attend traffic school. The total price you see here is the total price you will pay for taking the class online. No additional fees will be added after registering. The total price includes:

  • Everything you need to take the course online.
  • A FREE downloadable Certificate of Completion for your records.
  • Transmitting your completion to the California DMV and court.

* We offer other services to enhance your experience, which are optional and for an additional fee, but they are not required.

Your Total Price$14.99With All Fees *
California DMV Approved Online Traffic School Features

CA Traffic School Features

What is the California DMV traffic school online course?

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Dismiss your California traffic ticket, DMV Approved
Mask your traffic ticket points!

By attending our California DMV licensed traffic school and completing our online course, you can mask (or hide) the traffic ticket points associated with your ticket. Keep your driving record clean and avoid having higher car insurance premiums. See our CA DMV license.

Get a California car insurance discount
Get an insurance discount!

Our CA DMV Traffic school is not just for tickets. You can also obtain a discount on your insurance rates by completing this course. Check with your insurance provider before taking the course.

Five unit DMV approved CA traffic school online course
An easy 5 unit course at your own pace!

Follow our five unit, self-paced online traffic school course, that meets all requirements for the State of California. You can log-in and out as many times as you like. You are in control of when and where you want to take your online course. Enjoy taking our course on any internet-ready device from your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Stress-free, guaranteed to pass California online traffic school course
Stress-free & guaranteed to pass!

Take our course without worry or stress. You can take the course as many times as you need to pass without paying any additional fees for more attempts.

Electronic filing with the California DMV and court
Your certificate is filed with the California DMV & Court!

We are giving you peace of mind. We will inform the correct agency of your completion. No need for you to take your certificate in person to show proof of your fulfillment; we will do that for you by electronically filing your traffic school certificate of completion.

How does the California traffic school online course work?

Step 1

Before you sign up

You should receive a courtesy letter from the court about two weeks after getting your ticket. The courtesy letter will have information on how to pay for your ticket and if you qualify for traffic school. Once you have paid your fine and fees with the court and elected to attend traffic school, you can register with us online.

You Must Elect to Attend

You must inform the court you would like to take traffic school before attending.

Eligibility Check

Contact the court listed on your ticket to determine if you are eligible to attend California DMV traffic school.

Fast Traffic School

With no timers, you can take the course at your own pace. See our California DMV license.

Step 2

Register and take your course

Now that you have paid for your ticket and have permission from the court to attend a California DMV licensed traffic school, you can register online and get started right away.

Take the course at your own pace. You can take our course on any internet-connected device. You can take as many breaks as you want - sign in and out as often as you like. The system will keep track of your progress.

Fast traffic school online with no course timers!

Step 3

Pass your test

You must pass the 25-question exam with a 70% or greater. California DMV only allows two attempts to pass the exam. Don't worry – if you can't pass after the two shots, you can retake the course as many times as you need to pass, at no additional cost to you.

You are 100% guaranteed to pass.

Certificate of Completion

Download your FREE certificate of completion immediately once you pass the test.

Free E-File

We submit your certificate of completion electronically to the California DMV and Court.

Step 4

Leave the rest to us

When you successfully pass the exam, we will submit your certificate of completion electronically to the California DMV and the court listed on your ticket. There is no need for you to present your completion to the court.

CA Traffic School Eligibility

Am I eligible to attend California traffic school online for my ticket?

Request traffic school first before you enroll in a California traffic school course. You must request to attend from the court and pay an election fee to the court. Your court will usually send you a courtesy notice letting you know if you qualify.

CA Traffic School Eligibility

How often can I do traffic school in California?

You are eligible to attend traffic school once every 18 months. Eligibility is based on the date when you received the ticket.

CA Traffic School Eligibility

Commercial license holders may be eligible to attend traffic school.

If you have a commercial license and received your ticket in a non-commercial vehicle, you may attend, but you will need to contact the DMV Safety Unit at (916)657-6452 to have the points cleared once you complete the course.

Offenses occurring in commercial vehicles are NOT eligible.

CA Traffic School Eligibility

The following offenses are NOT eligible to attend a California traffic school course:

  • Any misdemeanor or two-point violation.
  • Any violation where the alleged speed is more than 25 MPH over the speed limit.
  • Any violation involving alcohol or drugs.
  • Any violation with an outstanding failure to appear.
  • Any zero-point violation, such as parking or equipment violations.


Most Popular California Traffic School Questions

General Information & Eligibility

Can a commercial driver's license holder take traffic school online?

If you have a commercial driver's license and got a traffic ticket while driving a non-commercial vehicle, you may be eligible to take traffic school online. The conviction may still appear on your driving record and count as points. Once you have completed the traffic school online and the court has processed your certificate of completion, you will need to contact the DMV Driver Safety Unit at (916)657-6452 to have the points cleared from your driving record.

How often can I do traffic school in California?

California law only allows a person to attend traffic school once every 18 months. Eligibility is tracked by using the date of the violation – the date you received your last citation. We cannot check whether you are eligible; You are responsible for making sure you are eligible to attend traffic school.

By completing traffic school, will points be removed from my driving record?

Once you pay the fine for your ticket AND complete traffic school on time in California, the points associated with that ticket will not show up on your driving record.

The courts in California and the California DMV do not dismiss traffic tickets. Instead, when traffic school is completed, the DMV will "hide" the points on your driving record from third parties, like insurance companies and employers. But, the DMV and law enforcement can still see the ticket on your record.

How do I check if I'm eligible for traffic school?

To check your California DMV traffic school eligibility, please contact the court listed on your ticket to verify your eligibility. Generally, you can attend traffic school if:

  • You have not attended traffic school for a previous violation within the last 18 months.
  • You were not driving a commercial vehicle or carrying hazardous materials when you got your ticket.
  • You were not cited for a violation with a negligent operator count of more than one point.
  • The charge must be a qualified moving violation.
How do I request traffic school in California?

Most courts will send a courtesy letter in the mail, typically about two weeks after getting your ticket. In the letter, the court will indicate your options for taking care of your traffic ticket and whether you are eligible for California traffic school. If you qualify, the court will let you know the cost of attending traffic school. In most cases, the court will charge you an election fee to attend traffic school. This fee is an administrative fee from the court and separate from any fee charged by traffic school businesses.

You must elect to attend traffic school and pay the court fees and fines before starting an online traffic school course. For some courts, you can take care of this by visiting the court's website, calling them, or visiting them in person.

Is my information secure on your website?

Yes, Highway Traffic School uses the highest encryption web standards. We also follow ISO 27001 controls with current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards and audits. We never share your personal information with third-party vendors. Your data is only used with the local court and DMV agency to give you credit for taking our traffic school online.

About the Course

How long does online traffic school take in California?

The California DMV requires all traffic schools to have 340 minutes (5 hours and 40 minutes) of instruction time and allow 60 minutes for the exam. Our course is self-paced without any timers. However, you must read each slide and take a final exam based on the course curriculum. This course has been designed to be taken at your own pace.

How long will the court take to process my traffic school completion?

Once you have successfully passed the final exam, we will electronically submit your certificate of completion to the California DMV and the court. This process can take up to three working days. Depending on the court, it may take several days to a few weeks to process your certificate. If you completed on time, the court will not penalize you for processing time and will honor the date you completed the class.

Does your traffic school course have a final exam?

Yes, the State of California DMV mandates a final exam for all traffic schools online with a time limit of 1 hour. The exam is an open book test. You can check your answers if needed to referring back to the content if required. You must pass the exam with a 70% or higher score — no more than seven questions wrong to pass. The exam has 25 multiple-choice questions. If you cannot pass the exam for some reason, you will have a second attempt to retake the exam. Keep in mind that most people tend to pass on their first try.

We guarantee you to pass even if you cannot pass your exam on the second attempt. You will be able to retake the class at no additional cost and continue to try the exam again as needed.

Pricing & Payment


Will you file my completion with the court and DMV when I finish the course?

Once you have completed the course and passed the exam, we will submit your completion to the court and the DMV within three business days. We do offer immediate electronic filing if you are running out of time for an additional fee. You will also have the ability to download for FREE a copy of your certificate of completion receipt immediately once you finish your exam.

How can I get a copy of my certificate of completion receipt?

Once you have completed the course and passed the exam, you will immediately be presented with a copy of your Certificate of Completion Receipt, which can be downloaded for FREE. The certificate will be in PDF format and can be saved for your records. If you do not have a printer, we can print a copy and mail it to you for a small processing fee.

I called the court, and they said they had not received my certificate of completion. What happened?

Even though we transmit your completion information electronically, the courts may take 2 to 3 weeks to process your certificate and close your case. Your obligation is to pay your fines and complete your course before the due date provided by the court. The court will not penalize you for processing time. Also, please ensure all your fines have been paid with the court. Check your documents to make sure all the information you provided to us is correct. If your information is incorrect, please contact us via email or phone to make any necessary corrections.

What Customers Say About Us

Online California Traffic School Reviews

California online traffic school review by Amber
- Amber
Paid for class.. Was able to to save and come back to it whenever i had time. And was easy on point. One of the best sites to do traffic school 100...
California online traffic school review by Virginia
- Virginia
Easy to read and use. Fast and concise terminology.
California online traffic school review by David
- David
Great follow up by Highway Traffic School to make sure my class was cleared by the courts. Thanks!!
California online traffic school review by Ron
- Ron
Was an excellent course. 10/10 would recommend and return
California online traffic school review by Monse
- Monse
I loved the course. But most of all you went above and beyond notification when very sent to DMV and Court. Love the beyond comlpetion
California online traffic school review by Warren
- Warren
Very impressed. I didn't select the correct distribution for the results and I received an email to make sure my selection was correct! AMAZING customer service!
California online traffic school review by Gladys
- Gladys
The material presented, was easy to read and understand. You did an excellent job with the material. I would recommend this traffic school.
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