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Traffic School Price

Know Your Total Price Before You Pay

How much does the defensive driving course cost?

You can find your total traffic school cost with our Arizona fee calculator below. In Arizona, all traffic schools are required to collect state and court fees if you decide to attend traffic school to dismiss your ticket. Since each courthouse in the state may have different court fees, you must select the correct court assigned to you and printed on your traffic ticket to get an accurate price. Give it a try below!!!

What's my cost?

Total Price Explained In Detail

Click on the charge below for more information.

Course Fee

This fee is what Highway Traffic School charges to take our fast and cheap traffic school online. It is our base cost for the text version of the course. The course is presented in English with pictures and diagrams. You may also choose to optionally upgrade to our audio read-along or video version of the course for an additional cost during registration.

State Fee

This charge is required to be collected by the state. We will mail out this fee to the State of Arizona once you start the course. This fee is not refundable once you begin the course.

State Surcharge

This charge is required to be collected by the state. We will mail out this fee to the State of Arizona once you start the course. This fee is not refundable once you begin the course.

Court Diversion Fee

This charge is required to be collected during registration by the courts in Arizona. We will mail out this fee to the court printed on your ticket. Court diversion fees may change based on the date of the violation. There is no need for you to pay the ticket directly with the court if you plan to attend traffic school. We will collect the fees necessary to satisfy your ticket.

Processing Fee

Highway Traffic School collects this fee to process your completion. It covers costs to submit your completion to the court, distribute the state and court fees to the correct departments within the state of Arizona, conduct an eligibility check, and process your credit card.

Audio Read-Along
$6.99 (Optional Upgrade)

This fee is for our audio read-along version of the course. For those students who prefer not to read the course curriculum, we offer an audio narrated option. The narrator is not a robotic voice. This is a voice actor that reads the content of the course for you. This is an optional upgrade for an additional fee.

Video Course
$9.99 (Optional Upgrade)

This fee is for our video version of the course and our most popular upgrade. For students who prefer not to read the course curriculum and want more than the audio narrated option, our 100% video course is available. This is an optional upgrade for an additional fee.

Download Certificate
FREE - No Additional Charge

Once you complete the course, you will have access to download a free copy of your Certificate of Completion. The certificate will be in PDF format. We will also save your certificate for three years just in case you need it in the future. You may also log-in to your account at any time to download a copy of your certificate once you complete the course.

Course Access Within
2 Hours

In Arizona, all traffic schools must validate your information and check your eligibility before beginning the course. You will be required to submit a copy of your ticket and a copy of your government-issued ID (i.e., driver's license). Once you complete your registration and payment on our website, you will receive six different options on how to submit your documents. Once we receive your documents for review, it can take up to 2 hours for approval before you can begin the course; however, our current average approval time is 10-15 minutes! You will receive a notification via email once your account is approved and you have access to the course.

Note: Other schools may take days to get your account approved. We strive to approve you as quickly as possible.


Check Your Eligibility

Find out if you are eligible by using our FREE eligibility tool below. We will also check your eligibility during registration and again when you submit your documents for approval.

To check your eligibility, enter all of the following information and click the submit.

SubmitCheck Eligibility

Am I Eligible?

More eligibility information

Am I eligible to take Arizona traffic school online for my ticket?

Your violation must be on the State of Arizona's list of eligible violations to attend traffic school. Most moving violations are included on the list.

More eligibility information

You can take a Defensive Driving Course once every 12 months.

Eligibility is based on the date of the violation – the date when you were issued the ticket. And, you may attend an Arizona DDC for only one violation. If there is more than one violation on your ticket, the remaining offenses must be resolved through the court.

More eligibility information

Commercial license holders MAY BE eligible for traffic school.

Commercial license holders are eligible to attend an Arizona defensive driving course if the vehicle driven at the time of the violation does not require a commercial license. Offenses occurring in commercial vehicles are NOT eligible.

More eligibility information

You must complete traffic school 7-days before your court date.

Arizona has a unique 7-day rule. You must complete your defensive driving course at least seven days before your court or extension date. If you need more time to complete traffic school, contact the court for an extension.

More eligibility information

Serious injury and fatal collisions are NOT eligible.

If your ticket resulted from a serious injury or fatal collision, you cannot attend a defensive driving school.

What is the AZ 4-Hour Defensive Driving Course (DDC) Online?

Cheapest Defensive Driving Course Online

In Arizona, the state mandates all approved traffic schools for DDC must be at least 4 hours long. We have made this course the shortest as possible as allowed by Arizona law. Our online defensive driving course is designed to be taken at your own pace. You may complete the course all in one sitting (if you like), or you can piece it out as you have time. You can log in and out as many times as you want until you complete the class.

Highway Traffic School is court-approved and state-approved by all courts in Arizona. See our Arizona defensive driving school certification. You may also visit the Arizona Supreme Court Website or call 1-888-334-5565 for additional information offered by the Supreme Court of Arizona for approved traffic schools.

Fast, Cheap 4-Hour AZ Defensive Driving Course Online
Cheap and Easy Online AZ Traffic School Course

Start Your Cheap & Easy Online Traffic School Course

There is no need to schedule a class. Register with us online and start the same day. If you are running out of time, taking your course online is your best option. You can register, get your account approved, and finish your course the same day that it's due.

Report Your Completion to the Court on Time Electronically

We make it easy by reporting your completion to the designated court electronically where your ticket was issued. This reduces your workload, gives you peace of mind, and ensures you get credit once you complete your course online.

Fast Completion Reporting to Arizona Courts
Cheap, Fast, Easy, AZ Online Traffic School on any Device

Cheap, Fast, Easy, AZ Online Traffic School on any Device

There is no need to download an app you may only use once in your lifetime. Our course is accessible on any internet-connected device. As long as you can access our website, you can use your smartphone, laptop, or computer to take your course. We recommend having the most up-to-date browser for the best experience.

AZ Defensive Driving Course Details

How does the Arizona Defensive Driving online course work?

Step 1 - Sign Up & Register For Online AZ Defensive Driving
Step 1
Sign-up & Register

Before you enroll, check your eligibility to attend an Arizona Defensive Driving course using our Eligibility Checking Tool above. We will also check your eligibility during registration.

You will need a copy of your ticket and your driver's license. If you don't have a copy of your ticket, please contact the court to get a copy. In most cases, they can email you a copy the same day.

Step 2 - Submit Your Arizona Traffic School Documents
Step 2
Submit Your Documents

You must send us a copy of your driver's license and a copy of your citation before we can grant you access to the course. Arizona law requires all schools to validate your information used during registration before granting access to the course.

After you register, you can use any method below to submit your documents:

  • Take a picture with your smartphone & upload
  • Scan & upload
  • Email
  • Fax
  • Mail

We typically approve accounts in minutes, but please allow up to 2 hours for approval (during regular customer support hours).

Step 3 - Take Your AZ Online Traffic School
Step 3
Take the Class

Once we verify your documents, you will be notified via e-mail or text of your approval. You will be able to log back into your account to start the course.

Take the course at your own pace. You can take as many breaks as you want; log in and out as often as you like. The system will keep track of your progress.

The Arizona Defensive Driving course will take 4 hours to complete, per Arizona court requirements.

There is no final exam! You are 100% GUARANTEED to pass!

Step 4 - We Electronically File Your AZ Traffic School Completion & Fees
Step 4
E-File Completion & Fee Distribution

Download your FREE certificate of completion immediately once you complete the Arizona Defensive Driving course.

Then, let us take care of the rest. We will submit your certificate of completion to the court electronically within 24 hours of finishing the course. And, your court fees will be distributed to the court.

The court may need additional time to process your completion. The court will use the date we report as your completion date.


Most Popular Arizona Defensive Driving Questions

General Information & Eligibility

How do I sign-up for traffic school?

You may register for traffic school on our website, or you can call us to sign-up at 1-888-406-1726.

Start NowClick Here

You will need a copy of your ticket and your driver's license to complete your registration. Once you have registered and paid, you will receive instructions on how to submit your document. You will also receive an email with these instructions. Please allow 10-15 minutes for us to review your documents once you submit your documents. We will notify you via email or text once your account is approved.

Once your account is approved, feel free to log back into your account to get started. You may take the course at any time.

How can I get an extension to complete traffic school?

Most courts will grant an extension to complete Arizona traffic school if the request is made before the court/due date. You will need to write, call, or go to the Clerk of the Court to request an extension. If your court date has passed, you will need to make an appearance and speak with a judge to request your extension.

Remember, the Arizona Supreme Court requires that you complete the Arizona Defensive Driving course at least seven days before your court date.

Is the Highway Traffic School website secure?

Yes, Highway Traffic School uses the highest data security technology to ensure your personal and credit card information is secure. All information transmitted on our website is encrypted via "HyperText Transfer Protocol" (HTTP) with "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL) as it travels to and from our servers. We do not store your credit card information or share your personal information with anybody. Your personal information is only utilized to report your course completion to the court.

Do I qualify for traffic school?

You can check your eligibility before registering for traffic school by using our eligibility checking tool.

If you have a commercial license, we will double check your eligibility once we have received your documents for approval. The eligibility checking tool will only check if you have attended traffic school in the past and if your violation code is an approved violation code allowed for traffic school.

If you have additional questions, please give us a call at 1-888-406-1726.

What is the difference between Defensive Driving School and Traffic Survival School?

The State of Arizona has two different traffic school courses available for drivers. When enrolling in traffic school, it's essential to know which course you are required to take.

Defensive Driving Course

  • 4 hours long
  • Dismisses your ticket and avoid points on your driving record
  • Can be taken once every 12 months for selected moving violations
  • It can be taken either online or in-person
  • You don't pay the ticket with the court
  • The school collects court and state fees required to dismiss the ticket and submits them to the court and state once you are done with the course
  • Voluntary course

Traffic Survival School

  • 8 hours long
  • Not optional - ADOT mandated
  • Must be taken to reinstate a suspended license
  • You accumulated 8 to 12 points on your driving record
  • You were convicted of a DUI
  • You were convicted of a red-light violation, and you have already taken DDC within 12 months for any other offense
  • Class is only offered in person
  • Highway Traffic School does not offer this course - to see a list of Arizona approved TSS providers, please visit the AZ ADOT website

About the Course

How quickly can you approve my account so I can start my course?

We will need a copy of your driver's license and a copy of your citation before granting you access to your Arizona traffic school course. Once we receive your documents, we typically approve accounts in minutes, but please allow up to 2 hours for approval.

For faster approval, please provide clear, legible copies of your documents.

How long is your online traffic school? How many sections?

The state mandates the Arizona Defensive Driving Course to be 4 hours long to be certified and approved.

The benefit of taking an online course is the ability to stop and start whenever you like - our system will save your work and remember where you left off. There's no need to do the entire course all at once (unless you want to). Having the ability to pause the course and continue where you left off makes it convenient to work at your own pace.

Highway Traffic School online course has five units: Highway Safety, The Driver, The Vehicle, The Roadway, and Impaired Driving.

Do I have to complete my course seven days before my court date?

Yes. Arizona law requires that you must complete your course at least seven days before your court/due date. If you need more time, you may contact the court listed on your ticket to request an extension. Once you have an approved extension from the court, you will need to let us know the new court/due date so we can update your account.

My court date is tomorrow; can I still take the AZ Defensive Driving course?

If you are within seven days of your court date, you will need to contact the court and request an extension. Arizona requires you to finish your course seven days before the court date. If this is the first extension you have asked for, most courts will allow an additional 30 to 45 day extension. Once you have obtained your approved extension, you can register to take the course with that new court/due date or update your account with the new court date.

If you have already obtained an extension in the past and require more time, you will need to contact the court. Keep in mind that additional extensions may be possible after the first extension has been granted, but most courts require extraordinary circumstances. An example of an extraordinary or emergency circumstance may be illness or financial hardship. Ultimately, it will be the court's discretion whether to give you more time.

Pricing & Payment

Why is the price much more than advertised when I attempt to register for my traffic school?

The State of Arizona requires that all defensive driving schools collect specific fees on behalf of the state and the courts.

The fees are as follows:

  • Course Fee: $19.99
  • State Fee: $24 - Mandatory to dismiss a ticket
  • State Surcharge: $45 - Mandatory to dismiss a ticket
  • Court Diversion Fee: (varies by court) - Mandatory to dismiss a ticket
  • Processing fee: $9.99

There are no hidden fees with Highway Traffic School. We disclose all fees without the need to start the registration process. Use our Arizona price tool to get your full price before registering and paying.

Do I need to pay for the ticket as well?

If you decide to take an Arizona Defensive Driving course, you DO NOT need to pay any fines to the court. The state and court fees we collect during registration are the only fines/fees you need to pay to dismiss your ticket.

From time to time, we see students accidentally pay both the fine directly with the court and enroll in an Arizona Defensive Driving course. This can cause your traffic school completion to be rejected. By paying the court directly, you indicate that you are pleading guilty to the violation on your ticket and do not plan to attend traffic school. This will result in points being added to your driving record. If you decide to attend traffic school, the school will collect the state and court fees required to dismiss your ticket. Keep in mind that these fees may be very close to the amount of the fine of the ticket if you would have paid it directly to the court. But, because defensive driving keeps points from being added to your driving record, you will save money in the long run from car insurance premium increases.

If you have paid both the fine with the court and also paid to attend a traffic school, you will need to contact the court as soon as possible to have them refund the payment and guilty plea. Failure to do so will result in your traffic school completion being rejected by the court. You will need to file a "motion" with the court requesting the refund in most cases. A motion is a formal request made to a judge in writing. Please do not continue to take the course until you have approval from the court to refund their payment. Once your motion has been approved, you may continue with your class.

If you have any additional questions on double payment by mistake, you may contact the court printed on your ticket for more information and instructions.


Is there a final exam?

Our course does not have a final exam as a requirement to pass. Instead, you will be presented with participation questions throughout the course. You must answer each question correctly before you can proceed with the class. If you answer the multiple-choice question incorrectly, you will have more opportunities to answer it correctly until you do. You are guaranteed to pass!!!

Do you send my certificate directly to the court?

Yes. We will notify your court electronically of your completion of the AZ Defensive Driving course. You will not need to appear in court or provide your certificate of completion to the court for the violation you indicated. If you have multiple violations on your ticket, you will need to contact the court and take care of those separately.

How fast will my Certificate of Completion be processed?

Once you finish the course, we ask that you wait 2 to 3 weeks before calling the court to check your ticket status. Even though we transmit your information electronically within 24 hours, the courts cannot see your completion until the court fees have been received and processed in their system. Your obligation is to complete traffic school seven days before your court/due date. The court does not penalize you for processing time, and they will accept the completion date we report to them once they receive the court fees.

If there are ever any problems with your case, please feel free to contact us. We will always work with the court to resolve any issues with your on-time completion.

How do I get a duplicate copy of my Certificate of Completion?

You can always download, print, or save a copy of your certificate of completion directly from our website, for no additional charge, and it is available immediately once you complete the course.

Highway Traffic School saves a copy of your completion for three years. You may log in at any time or request a copy if needed during that time frame.

How do I know my ticket has been entirely dismissed?

Once you complete your course in Arizona, we recommend allowing 2 to 3 weeks for the court to process your completion before calling the court to double-check if your ticket has been entirely dismissed.

Unfortunately, the Arizona courts currently do not communicate back to us or you once the ticket has been entirely dismissed. Please note, the court will not penalize you for processing time. They will always follow the date stamp we reported to them when you completed the course.

What Customers Say About Us

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Easy navigation.... comprehensive user friendly online training material! Reasonably priced as well with great customer service... highly recommend this online traffic school!
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Everything was easy to understand and it had some points of knowledge that I didn't know. Thank you for providing such a great service.
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I received my first speeding ticket in my life! I took the course and I must say learned a few things and it was a good review of the rules of the road. I would recommend this course with the audio. Worth the extra fee.
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Very explained, easy to navigate, well designed!
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Great class (well ok, for a Traffic School, LOL...). Useful info presented in a straightforward way. Website was very easy to navigate and provide info/payment directly to court. Did the trick, highly recommend.
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Made going to traffic school super easy and convenient. I would recommend anyone looking for this service!

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