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Thomas Heiser
by Thomas Heiser
22 hours ago
This user only left a rating.
Tj Woodbury
by Tj Woodbury
a day ago
Easy and quick
Pamela Williams
by Pamela Williams
a day ago
This user only left a rating.
Jeff Pawlowski
by Jeff Pawlowski
3 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Angela Yacapraro
by Angela Yacapraro
4 days ago
Quick and easy. Majority of it is reading, every so often a few questions.
El Bassaragh II
by El Bassaragh II
5 days ago
If you need to do a driver course use these people or the program easy to understand precise quick and thorough ,,, I’m glad I used them
Taylor Grows
by Taylor Grows
5 days ago
The best I could find. Super simple! You can pause it whenever you want and go back into it whenever you want.. and NO hidden fees!!! Unlike the other websites with hidden fees like crazy. 🙄
Tremain Davis
by Tremain Davis
9 days ago
I just randomly selected a school to attend online to get out of a speeding ticket. And I surely did not plan on paying much attention. But the online course for this school was actually interesting and engaging. I highly recommend this school
Ken Parrillo
by Ken Parrillo
10 days ago
Easy, informative, simple navigation.
sharon mustafa
by sharon mustafa
4 months ago
This user only left a rating.
Candy Wikoff
by Candy Wikoff
11 days ago
The program was user friendly and efficient
Thelma Casey
by Thelma Casey
13 days ago
This a ligit approved and easy I pass the test easy.
Jamie Morante
by Jamie Morante
13 days ago
It wasn’t expensive, it was easy, educational, it was fantastic!!
Lee Andino-Bravo
by Lee Andino-Bravo
16 days ago
The courses they offer are amazing and self-explanatory. I ran through those courses like a piece of cake and got them done with 90%+. I truly recommend taking this.
Shane Clausen
by Shane Clausen
17 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Tiffany Hammond
by Tiffany Hammond
17 days ago
Great information for our son who successfully got through the course and got his learners permit
o S
by o S
18 days ago
I used Highway traffic schools for my permit test. They provided flashcards and 100 test questions to prepare yourself and the actual test once you are ready. I ended up passing with an 85 percent on my first try after only 2 hours of studying. It was very simple and easy to understand. Highly recommend.
Bill Magette
by Bill Magette
18 days ago
The information was not only helpful but I learned a lot of things. Well worth the time spent.
Angel S. (Angel)
by Angel S. (Angel)
18 days ago
Easy peasy driving is easy!!
Michael Rowe
by Michael Rowe
18 days ago
It's a 4 hour online class. I had 30 days to take it. 40 question exam. Must pass with 80%. The points are taken off my driving record and my insurance rates are lower.
Flory Soe
by Flory Soe
19 days ago
Finished the course and the slides were catchy and easy to follow.
Corazon Alawi
by Corazon Alawi
19 days ago
Simple yet comprehensive. Its like a review for taking the knowledge test for learners permit. Helped me pass the test. Definitely worth it.
Chris Baeza
by Chris Baeza
20 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Monyai Hollins
by Monyai Hollins
21 days ago
This user only left a rating.
by Chris
21 days ago
Easy material to understand, open book as well. Really easy and good course!
Sam Tedder
by Sam Tedder
22 days ago
Not too bad!
nate odom
by nate odom
22 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Ronika Kaphers
by Ronika Kaphers
23 days ago
Quick, easy and affordable!
tony ramirez
by tony ramirez
a year ago
This user only left a rating.
Heather Gunn
by Heather Gunn
23 days ago
Great course that was easy to complete on my own schedule!
Robert Hernandez
by Robert Hernandez
23 days ago
What a great and easy to use experience with HTS BDI Exam course. I highly recommend it. Ty, Robert
Simon Diez
by Simon Diez
26 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Lexia Amador
by Lexia Amador
26 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Saundra Wier
by Saundra Wier
27 days ago
If you need to do Traffic school, chose Highland Traffic School, it’s cheaper then all other places. It’s so easy to do, you can take breaks and save progress, and it’s great for a refresh up.
Jennie Ansley
by Jennie Ansley
28 days ago
My son just got his permit and this was the best way to do it. Doing everything at home so he can really focus on the test.
Anna Johnson
by Anna Johnson
a month ago
Great class, very convenient and I learned a lot from the class.
Dennis K Massaro
by Dennis K Massaro
a month ago
This was a convenient and thorough course - easy to navigate and reasonably priced also.
Lora Rhoden
by Lora Rhoden
a month ago
The information and testing was very user friendly.
Hunter Johnson
by Hunter Johnson
a month ago
It was a nice course that made it easy to understand and remember what you need to know. Very good for anyone that has a hard time learning new things, since they ask questions in-between of what you learned to help you remember.
Jerry Grenn
by Jerry Grenn
a month ago
Got a ticket on Thursday, signed up for the course on Wednesday and completed the course the next day. The court had my records of completion immediately! This course helped alleviate any points on my license = no insurance rate increase! Highly recommended for ease of use and course materials!!!
Ryan Cumberbatch
by Ryan Cumberbatch
a month ago
This user only left a rating.
Kurt Westberg
by Kurt Westberg
a month ago
No issues, thanks!
Lauren Ortiz
by Lauren Ortiz
a month ago
This user only left a rating.
Francisco Villalobos
by Francisco Villalobos
a month ago
(Translated by Google) Excellent, I recommend it, you can learn a lot about the rules and laws of vehicular traffic in the state of Florida. (Original) Excelente, lo recomiendo, puedes aprender mucho sobre las normas y leyes del tráfico vehicular en el estado de Florida.
Eric Rummel
by Eric Rummel
a month ago
Great format and easy to understand
Gregory Francis
by Gregory Francis
a month ago
Simple and easy to use. I actually learned a few things I didn’t know, too. I’m
David Henson
by David Henson
a month ago
Ricky Hudge
by Ricky Hudge
a month ago
Best in the business
Eduardo Espinoza
by Eduardo Espinoza
a month ago
As a CDL holder I learned much more than what I thought i knew and this definitely makes my skills jump to another level. Recommend getting the video for 9 bucks. Works very well for me.
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