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Fast Texas Driving Safety Course registration — start and finish on the same day.

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We strive for a seamless experience. Avoid going to a driving safety class in person by learning from home.

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Take the Texas Driving Safety Course on any internet-connected device.

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Exceptional customer service and support.

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Our school is bonded and insured. We follow all state regulations to ensure you get what you pay for.

Brian Hartman
by Brian Hartman
a day ago
This user only left a rating.
Moayyad Michail
by Moayyad Michail
a day ago
This user only left a rating.
Zires Tinsley
by Zires Tinsley
a day ago
This user only left a rating.
Alayne G
by Alayne G
2 days ago
Although I didn't need them, the freedom for test retakes without additional fees relieved some stress. The slides were a bit frustrating if you're a rapid reader because they have to stay on screen for a minimum time and you just wait. Since completion is reported directly, that saves another trip to the courthouse.
Keyla Negrete
by Keyla Negrete
2 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Laurie Saisselin
by Laurie Saisselin
2 days ago
I did an online class and it was very informative.
Angel Negrete
by Angel Negrete
2 days ago
It was easy to enroll, the class was at my pace well worth the money and very knowledgeable
Andrew Rios
by Andrew Rios
3 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Albert Ortiz
by Albert Ortiz
4 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Somrat Suhag
by Somrat Suhag
18 days ago
I really liked this detailed lesson oriented course.
Nadine Mula
by Nadine Mula
5 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Phyllis Bennett
by Phyllis Bennett
6 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Pamela Godsil
by Pamela Godsil
8 days ago
I had the option of taking this course online or paying the fine for a minor speeding ticket. The course was very simple and straightforward. Easy to navigate. You are able to stop and start which was great because it takes a solid 4-hours to get through it. Once you have completed everything and paid your court fees, and such, they notify the courts. It was less than 48-hours that I was notified that everything was done. Highly recommend if you are in need of taking the online defensive driving school.
Christine Guardino
by Christine Guardino
18 days ago
Terrific option! Plus it was a great review of current traffic rules! It has made me more mindful of my driving!
Annabel Salinas
by Annabel Salinas
10 days ago
It's a good class to do at own pace, and you can go back if you didn't understand something and reread it. But that "take a picture to verify identity" was very frustrating as every time it asked for a selfie I had to take about 30 pictures before it would accept one.
Fred Stern
by Fred Stern
10 days ago
Tim Correa
by Tim Correa
11 days ago
Took 4 hours but didn't seem like it No final test Very easy to complete yet very informative
Jessica King
by Jessica King
11 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Boris Benedikter
by Boris Benedikter
12 days ago
Simple notions, average price course, well-working website
Pye Young
by Pye Young
12 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Kenny Holt
by Kenny Holt
13 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Kitty Deosma
by Kitty Deosma
13 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Taylor Sharrock
by Taylor Sharrock
14 days ago
This user only left a rating.
hildy cohen
by hildy cohen
14 days ago
Long but very informative, concisely presented. Surprised surveys used were from 2019. I guess these were the from the latest data? Liked that one could pause for breaks, etc. and return where you left off.
Chris Kempster
by Chris Kempster
15 days ago
This user only left a rating.
TheOneGuy 1
by TheOneGuy 1
15 days ago
Their BDIC is fast, easy, and priced well. I would highly recommend.
Cynthia Gilmore
by Cynthia Gilmore
17 days ago
Very easy to navigate,Clear videos.
Heinz Missun
by Heinz Missun
18 days ago
Easy, love it.
alycia kett
by alycia kett
19 days ago
wonderful!! very professional and adapting to your needs and time lines.
Amber Forshee
by Amber Forshee
20 days ago
Could have been very painful but I really loved the ease and swiftness of this driving class through Highway Traffic School. Thanks for helping me learn through your program!
Don Mackay
by Don Mackay
21 days ago
Easy registration, course is@your own pace, just complete 5 days prior to your court date, they do the rest, material is super easy, the questions are so simple an idiot could get them correct w/o even reviewing the material. Definitely worth the$240 to keep your record clear, and ins. Rates from doubling.
Marilyn Etheridge
by Marilyn Etheridge
21 days ago
Very easy to understand and follow
Saeed Aslam
by Saeed Aslam
21 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Michael Garcia
by Michael Garcia
22 days ago
Got it done fast the courses are really easy to understand, and you’ll get it done fast!
Karen Boston Jackson
by Karen Boston Jackson
22 days ago
Easy to understand and flow through the various questions and answer appropriately.
Gail Fritschi
by Gail Fritschi
23 days ago
A very beneficial refresher course. I recommend this program to all drivers of all ages.
Laurie Leone
by Laurie Leone
23 days ago
Excellent! A little lengthy. Easy to register, easy to follow. Test was straightforward. 5 stars.
by MOHAMMED Allawi
23 days ago
Very easy and helpful
Donna Pace
by Donna Pace
27 days ago
The course was thorough and I really liked that I could stop and pick up later to continue. Very user friendly. Thanks for making this a painless course.
Pixie Pupp
by Pixie Pupp
24 days ago
This user only left a rating.
Daniel Steele
by Daniel Steele
24 days ago
The course's four hours is PRESENTATION TIME. Realistically, it is an all day project.
Stephanie Traynor
by Stephanie Traynor
25 days ago
The only bad things I can say is that they need to update their stats. They are 10yrs old and actually some stuff has changed when it comes to what insurance companies recommend and some other stuff. Other than that the program was great and the price was better than others.
Sudy Lizano
by Sudy Lizano
25 days ago
This program is extremely well composed. It is easy to follow through as ít is well written to make the learning stay for good and permanently.
Enda Whitaker
by Enda Whitaker
26 days ago
Easy to understand and plenty of time to read and get through!
Mike Peruski
by Mike Peruski
27 days ago
Quick, easy, everything was as promised. Great job!
Maurice Denson
by Maurice Denson
27 days ago
This user only left a rating.
karem gamal
by karem gamal
28 days ago
just perfect i pass the test from first time
by Snowman
a month ago
Easy to sign up. Good content and easy to access and work through the 4-hr online traffic school. Slow down! (me)
Regal Lioness
by Regal Lioness
a month ago
Highway traffic school, what a seemless and fluid transaction it was for me when doing my 4 hour class online. Thanks very much.
a month ago
This user only left a rating.
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Highway Traffic School is a great way to take the entire course online from any device. We'll help dismiss your traffic ticket, keep points off your driving record, and lower insurance rates! In addition, our court-approved Texas Driving Safety Course only requires 11 simple sections — 1-2-3 easy peasy!

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With our online Texas Driving Safety Course, you can take as many breaks and work around your busy schedule. In addition, your progress is saved automatically so that when it's time to finish up again — all of these skills will be fresh in mind!

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