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We strive for a seamless experience. Avoid going to a driving safety class in person by learning from home.

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Sathish Chari
by Sathish Chari
4 days ago
Very easy to take. It was the third that checked out. The first two being confusing and not user fiendishly. This program was thorough and easy to take.
Kaitlin Moseberth
by Kaitlin Moseberth
5 days ago
Family member was able to complete both 4 hr Drug/Alcohol course and Learner's Permit exam on his cell phone. This was a huge accessibility point since he did not have access to a computer at home. That and having the ability for videos was beneficial since reading for long periods of time can be ... Moredifficult for him. Bonus: Mike from the office was able to update an error (that was done on my part) and provide valuable information on the process of submitting the info needed to the DMV. Thank you guys so much! You are appreciated for making this process seamless.
Wlillie Saintil
by Wlillie Saintil
6 days ago
Five star 🌟 🌟 service
Diane Katz
by Diane Katz
7 days ago
Easy to use, kept me on track, informative…… glad i had to option to do this.
Megan Izzo
by Megan Izzo
7 days ago
It was great and really easy to navigate and understand. I learned a lot of important things that were never on my permit test when I took it. A great traffic school to choose.
Judy JD
by Judy JD
7 days ago
Good and easy
Alida Grassinger-Kleiss
by Alida Grassinger-Kleiss
8 days ago
This user only left a rating
Inder Mehta
by Inder Mehta
8 days ago
Excellent course Easy to register and follow the instructions and good testing techniques
Осман Магомедов
by Осман Магомедов
8 days ago
Ez to buy, ez to use, ez to learn, ez to pass)
Cheryl Manney
by Cheryl Manney
9 days ago
Super easy to complete in one sitting, but given the opportunity to split the settings up as needed.
Dolly Triviz
by Dolly Triviz
9 days ago
Website is easy to use and this is a convenient way to complete course at your convenience and as your schedule allows
Taylor Brown
by Taylor Brown
9 days ago
This user only left a rating
Brandi March
by Brandi March
10 days ago
This user only left a rating
by R P
11 days ago
Easy to follow and informative! Teaches you to ensure a passing grade!
manie mar
by manie mar
11 days ago
Fast, easy to follow with simple instructions you can't go wrong. The site is well put together
Romeo McDaniel
by Romeo McDaniel
11 days ago
Great Course and website.
ashley huber
by ashley huber
12 days ago
This user only left a rating
Andrew Malek
by Andrew Malek
12 days ago
This user only left a rating
Jas Lopez
by Jas Lopez
13 days ago
This user only left a rating
Jay Hopkins
by Jay Hopkins
14 days ago
I have been involved in courseware development and training for most of my life, and I was very impressed with the professional quality of this course.
Anna Gozdzik
by Anna Gozdzik
14 days ago
Great course. Straight to the point. Test questions after completing each unit nicely summarize what you learned and excellent way of preparation for your end exam. I would definitely recommend this course.
Barb Blake
by Barb Blake
14 days ago
Easy to understand and navigate
Regis Major
by Regis Major
16 days ago
Excellent Program. Discussions are right on target with the needs of Public and Driver Safety. Highly recommend this program for anyone regardless of any State requirement.
Michael Szary
by Michael Szary
17 days ago
It's quick and is easy to navigate.
Tobin Ewing
by Tobin Ewing
17 days ago
I chose the computer generated audio version, and glad I did. You are required to verify your identity more than take a test. I think there are five 2 question tests, so pay attention. I don't know why I chose this program over the zillion that are available, but no complaints.
Alicia Flores
by Alicia Flores
17 days ago
This user only left a rating
Ellka Acevedo
by Ellka Acevedo
17 days ago
The course was very informative and easy to understand. The website was very easy to navigate through. I'm glad I chose to take my class through Highway Traffic School. My experience was awesome! I recommend them 100%.
Azure Hargis
by Azure Hargis
18 days ago
This user only left a rating
itz_Phoneticbrick 79
by itz_Phoneticbrick 79
18 days ago
This user only left a rating
Karen Smith
by Karen Smith
18 days ago
Easy to navigate. Time limit Ability to turn the page was way too long. Had good information. Although about the same price as the ticket much better than getting points on my license!
Diaa elden Monaem
by Diaa elden Monaem
20 days ago
This user only left a rating
Stephanie Nowack
by Stephanie Nowack
20 days ago
Great info. Very user friendly.
Kate Atema
by Kate Atema
20 days ago
Surprisingly enjoyed the course. Easy to complete but I reviewed some details and it had some interesting stats and info. Wish teenagers were required to take it!
Jason Morton
by Jason Morton
a month ago
The system is rigged so the rich can buy their way out of abiding by the law. This class is just another example of our failed justice system and how if you have enough money you can start a company that the law requires and make money by charging just less than your ticket to pay your way out of ... Morehaving a record. So that way your government mandated insurance doesn't go up. Insurance and the government are scams. Content was okay if you just got out of drivers ed because it is not telling me things I don't already know. I was just speeding like everyone else does but the only difference is that cop was sitting there and clocked me. I'm sure they sped to work just like the judge overseeing my case.
Lavaughn Garnto
by Lavaughn Garnto
21 days ago
Not that you would want to, but when you have to, this is the best passable course I have found to get what you need, when having to sacrifice 6 full hours. Only set back, when you use a non-camera equipped computer, the continuously taking a photo on your smart phone and resetting takes an ... Moreadditional 2 hours.
Eric Rose
by Eric Rose
21 days ago
I've taken a handful of online traffic schools over the years and this was by far the best experience. Very fair price, quick approval / enrollment times, clear and easy to complete. The best part is their user-friendly mobile site. I was able to complete the course in 3 separate intervals, right on ... Moremy smart phone, at my convenience.
sharon mustafa
by sharon mustafa
24 days ago
This user only left a rating
Felipe lopez
by Felipe lopez
24 days ago
This user only left a rating
Charles Blomberg
by Charles Blomberg
25 days ago
Great course
Jeff Y
by Jeff Y
25 days ago
Video was easy to follow, very informative, didn't require a final exam, and overall just a much better experience than defensive driving classes I had to take years ago.
Heather Bicknell
by Heather Bicknell
26 days ago
This user only left a rating
James Matlock
by James Matlock
26 days ago
This user only left a rating
Deanna Conway
by Deanna Conway
26 days ago
This user only left a rating
Gail Stockin
by Gail Stockin
26 days ago
Easy to do and they sent in the certificate to the traffic school!
Stephen Orsini
by Stephen Orsini
26 days ago
The Highway Traffic School is easy to use and a convenient way of relearning and learning new driving skills that you might not have known. I upgraded to the video option and it made my experience enjoyable. Highly recommend!
Gregory Van Volkom
by Gregory Van Volkom
27 days ago
Simple and affordable
Maged Milad
by Maged Milad
28 days ago
This user only left a rating
L.E Kochese
by L.E Kochese
29 days ago
This user only left a rating
noreen brownson
by noreen brownson
29 days ago
Really helps refresh what we all need to know.
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