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Missouri Online Driver Improvement Program

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How much is traffic school in Missouri?

To take traffic school in Missouri, you must first enter a guilty plea and pay your fine with the court listed on your ticket. Then, you must appear in court and request permission to attend a Driver Improvement Program (DIP) course before signing up. The total price you see here is the total price you will pay for taking the class online. No additional fees will be added after registering. The total price includes:

  • Everything you need to take the course online
  • A FREE downloadable Certificate of Completion for your records
  • A PDF copy of the DOR Form 4444 emailed to you after completion

* We offer other services to enhance your experience, which are optional and for an additional fee, but they are not required.

Your Total Price$19.99With All Fees *
Missouri Online Traffic School Features

MO Traffic School Features

What is the 8-hour online Missouri Driver Improvement Program?

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Dismiss your Missouri traffic ticket points, DOR Approved
Dismiss your traffic ticket points!

You must plead guilty to your moving violation ticket and ask for permission from the court before attending a driver improvement program. Once approved, you can take our Missouri Safety Center (MSC) certified traffic school. You can dismiss the traffic ticket points associated with your ticket. Keeping your driving record clean and avoid having higher car insurance premiums.

Get a Missouri car insurance discount
Get an insurance discount!

Our Missouri Safety Center-approved online traffic school is not just for tickets. You can also obtain a discount on your insurance rates by completing this course.

Five unit DOR approved MO traffic school online course
An easy 5 unit course at your own pace!

Follow our five-unit, self-paced online traffic school course that meets all requirements for the State of Missouri. You can log in and out as many times as you like. You are in control of when and where you want to take your online course. Enjoy taking our course on any internet-ready device from your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Stress-free, guaranteed to pass Missouri online traffic school course
Stress-free & guaranteed to pass!

Take our course without worry or stress. You can take the exam as many times as you need to pass without paying any additional fees for more attempts.

Certificate filed with the Missouri DOR
Fast certificate of completion Form 4444 via email!

Once you complete the course, we will send your Missouri Completion Form 4444 to your email within 24 hours of our completion. You are responsible for showing your completion to the court for credit.

Don't have a printer? You can order a hard copy of your certificate. We will mail your completed form via USPS within 24 hours of your completion. Expedited services are available if you are running out of time.

How does the online Missouri Driver Improvement Program work?

Step 1

Before You Sign Up

You will need to appear at the court listed on your ticket. Moving violations must appear in court and request the court's permission to attend a Driver Improvement Course. The court will evaluate traffic school approval on a case-by-case basis, and there is no guarantee the court will allow you to attend.

You Must Elect To Attend

You must inform the court you would like to take traffic school before attending. The court will also let you know if you are eligible to attend the MO Driver Improvement class online.

60 Days To Complete

You must complete your MO Driver Improvement course within 60 days of pleading or being found guilty of your violation.

8 Hours to Complete

The Missouri Driver Improvement Program will take 8 hours to complete, per DOR requirements.

Step 2

Register and Take Your Course

Once you have paid your ticket and have permission from the court to attend a MO Online Traffic School, you can register online and start immediately. Our easy, self-paced course consists of only five units.

Take the course at your own pace and on any internet-connected device. You can take as many breaks as you want - sign in and out as often as you like. The system will keep track of your progress. The Missouri Driver Improvement Program will take 8 hours to complete, per DOR requirements.

Step 3

Pass your test

You must pass the 25-question exam with 80% or greater. To help you pass, we allow unlimited attempts at the exam without any extra cost to you. You are 100% guaranteed to pass.

Certificate of Completion

Download your FREE certificate of completion immediately once you pass the test.

DOR Form 4444

We will send you an email with your completed Form 4444 once you complete the course.

Step 4

Get Your Certificate of Completion

When you successfully pass the exam, you will immediately have access to your certificate of completion (for your records), and we will email you a copy of the DOR Form 4444 as required by Missouri law. You will need to show your DOR Form 4444 to the court for credit. Once the court has signed off on your completion, you will need to mail it to the Missouri Department of Revenue at the address below within 15 days of completing the course.

Missouri Department of Revenue
301 West High Street - Room 470
PO Box 200
Jefferson City, MO, 65105-0200

If you are running out of time, we do offer expedited shipping services for an additional cost.

MO traffic school eligibility

Am I eligible to take Missouri traffic school online for my ticket?

Before enrolling in a Missouri Traffic School Course, you must request to attend. Your court will evaluate your case and inform you if you are eligible.

MO traffic school eligibility

How often can I do traffic school in Missouri?

You are eligible to attend traffic school once every 36 months. Eligibility is based on the date when the ticket was issued.

MO traffic school eligibility

Commercial license holders are not eligible to attend traffic school.

If you have a commercial license, you are NOT eligible for a Missouri Driver Improvement course regardless of whether you got the ticket in a commercial vehicle or not.

This restriction also applies to out-of-state commercial license holders.

MO traffic school eligibility

Tickets while riding a motorcycle.

If your ticket was received while you were operating a motorcycle, you must attend an approved motorcycle rider training course to avoid point assessment - this is not the correct course.


Most Popular Missouri Traffic School Questions

How long does it take to receive my certificate?

Your completion certificate is available for you to download immediately when you complete and pass your final exam. In Missouri, you must obtain a Missouri Department of Revenue Record of Participation and Completion for Driver Improvement Program Form (Form 4444) from the traffic school.

Once you complete the course, we will email your signed copy of the Missouri Form 4444. Then, show the form to the court clerk, and they will need to fill out the Court section of the document. Once the clerk has signed the form, you need to mail the completed Form 4444 to the address indicated on the bottom for credit:

Driver's License Bureau
PO Box 200
Jefferson City, MO 65105-0200

Keep in mind that after you have completed the course, you must report your completion to the Department of Revenue (DOR) within 15 calendar days.

How often can I take Missouri Driver Improvement Program?

In Missouri, you can attend a DIP course once every 36 months. As always, you must contact the court first and obtain permission before you start the course. Each case is evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and there is no guarantee that the court will allow you to attend.

What is the difference between Court-Ordered vs. Ticket Points Dismissal vs. Insurance Discount when attending a driver improvement class?

In Missouri, you can attend a Driver Improvement Program (DIP) for one of three reasons:

  1. Court Ordered
  2. Ticket Point Dismissal
  3. Insurance Discount

Court Ordered
If you are attending traffic school due to a Court Order, this means you have seen a court judge for your case, and the judge is forcing you to attend traffic school. In most cases, points will still be added to your driving record. A Court Order is typically an additional punishment added to your ticket.

Keep in mind that a DIP is not the same as a Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program (SATOP). The SATOP is a course assigned to drivers who have a suspended/revoked license due to substance-related violations.

Ticket Points Dismissal
If you are attending traffic school to have ticket points dismissed for your moving violation, this means you are requesting to attend traffic school. You will need to plead guilty to the violation and pay your fine with the court. You may request to have your points on your ticket dismissed by attending an approved Driver Improvement Course at that time. The court will evaluate your case and your eligibility. Once approved, the court will dismiss your points on your violation. This is optional and not a required course. Also, a driver may only take traffic school for ticket points dismissal once every 36 months.

Insurance Discount
You can attend a traffic school for an insurance discount. This means you voluntarily take an online course to obtain a discount for your monthly premium with your car insurance provider. This option will only provide you with a completion certificate showing you completed our online driver improvement course. It will not include the Missouri Form 4444 required by the state for a court order or ticket points dismissal credit.

Before enrolling in an insurance discount option, contact your insurance company to make sure they will accept our course and provide you with a discount.

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