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Speed in Curves

Many collisions occur in curves because drivers enter the curve with too much momentum. In a curve, the natural forces pull your vehicle toward the outside of the curve.

  • Observe the posted warning signs indicating a safe speed before entering the curve – do not enter the curve faster than the posted signs.
  • Slow down before entering the curve – there could be a stalled vehicle or a collision in the curve. Braking while navigating the curve can cause a dangerous vehicle weight transfer and a skid.
  • Accelerate once you reach the end of the curve.

Sometimes a safe speed is below the posted speed limit. This is particularly the case if the roadway is wet, there is adverse weather, such as rain, snow, ice, or fog, or you are driving a high-profile vehicle.

Idaho Speed Laws

The posted speed limit signs show the fastest speed you may drive in ideal conditions. You may need to adjust your speed and drive slower than the posted speed limit, if the road conditions are not ideal, such as rain or heavy traffic. A safe speed is the one that allows you to have complete control of your vehicle and avoid a collision with other cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Speed limit signs are posted at the beginning of a speed zone. Speed limits are enforced from the location of the posted sign.

Idaho Speed Laws

IDAHO’S "BASIC SPEED" LAW (I.C. §49-654(1))

No person shall drive a vehicle on a highway at a speed greater than is "reasonable and prudent" at all times. This means that you must think about how your speed affects other traffic, including pedestrians and bicyclists. You also need to think about the road surface. With different weather condition like rain and snow, a rough pavement can become slippery depending on the conditions. Other road hazards like the number of intersections, visibility, oncoming traffic, curves, and any other conditions may affect safety. If you are driving too fast for conditions, even if you are driving under the speed limit, you are violating the "basic speed" law.

The driver of every vehicle shall drive at an appropriately reduced speed when:

  1. Approaching and crossing an intersection or railway grade crossing
  2. Approaching and going around a curve
  3. Approaching a hill crest
  4. Traveling upon any narrow or winding roadway, and
  5. Any special hazard exists concerning pedestrians or other traffic or because of weather or highway conditions
Getting Your License Back

Once your suspension or revocation period is over, you may get your driving privilege back by paying a reinstatement fee. The cost can vary from $25 to $285, depending on the severity of the nature of your suspension. Proof of financial obligation for three years might be required if your license was suspended due to a serious offense. Example of these will range from reckless driving, driving under the influence, etc.  This is also known as an SR-22 certificate which can be obtained through your insurance company.

Reducing Air Pollution

Driving a car with a standard combustion engine will always produce air contaminants. A report released by the Automobile Club of Southern California shows that technological advances in vehicles have helped significantly to reduce air pollution caused by cars.

Here are some simple steps that contribute to reducing air pollution:

  • Drive less

    This is the most impactful way to reduce emissions. By riding the bus, taking a train, carpooling, walking, cycling, or using other alternative transportation methods can significantly cut down on emission pollution.

  • Drive smoothly

    By driving “smoother,” you can get better gas mileage – accelerate and decelerate gradually, anticipate stops, change your speed slowly, etc. Pretend your acceleration peddle has an egg underneath it. Accelerating and decelerating smoothly and slowly to avoid cracking your imaginary egg. That’s one way of viewing it.

  • Drive at the speed limit

    The faster you drive, the more fuel it takes to maintain that higher speed – that’s not good for the environment or your checkbook.

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