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Reduce your points by completing our online Idaho Defensive Driving Course. This course is approved by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD).

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How much is traffic school in Idaho?

Unlike some other states, the State of Idaho makes attending traffic school online very easy. The price that you see on our site is the total price you will pay to obtain your point reduction on your driving record. No additional fees will be added after you complete the course. The total price includes:

  • Everything you need to take the course online
  • A FREE downloadable Certificate of Completion for your records
  • Transmitting your completion to the Idaho Department of Transportation (also known as Idaho's DMV)

* We offer other services to enhance your experience, which are optional and for an additional fee, but they are not required.

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Idaho Online Traffic School Features

ID Traffic School Features

What is the Idaho 6-hour Defensive Driving online course?

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Point Reduction on your Idaho Driving Record
Point reduction on your driving record!

In Idaho, you can attend traffic school every 3 years to reduce your total driving record points by 3-points after completing an online Defensive Driving Course.

This course lets you avoid higher car insurance premium costs or avoid a license suspension due to excessive points on your driving record.

Get an Idaho Car Insurance Discount
Get an insurance discount!

Our Idaho Defensive Driving Course may help you obtain a discount on your insurance rates by completing this course.

Five Unit Idaho Accident Prevention Online Course
An easy 5 unit course at your own pace!

Follow our five unit Idaho Defensive Driving Course, meeting the 6-hour traffic school requirement for the state. You may log-in and out as many times as you like. You are in control of when and where you want to take your online course. Enjoy taking our course on any internet-ready device from your computer, laptop, or smartphone.

Stress-Free, Guaranteed to Pass Idaho Online Defensive Driving Course
Stress-free & guaranteed to pass!

Take our course without worry or stress. You can take the final exam as many times as you need without paying any additional fees for more attempts. Re-take your exam unlimited times until you pass.

Electronic filing with the Idaho ITD DMV
Your certificate is filed with the Idaho DMV!

We are giving you peace of mind. We will inform the Idaho ITD DMV of your completion. No need for you to take your certificate in person to show proof of your fulfillment; we will do that for you by electronically filing your traffic school certificate of completion.

How does the Idaho Defensive Driving online course work?

Step 1

Sign up online

Registration is simple. It takes just a few minutes to register for our online defensive driving course. You can start your online course immediately after signing up.

We show you precisely what you will pay before you start your course.

ID Court Permission

Check with your court if you can attend a defensive driving course to dismiss your ticket before taking the course.

Eligibility Check

The Traffic Safety Education Course will be offered to you by the police officer at the time of your traffic stop. Not all cities will opt to allow traffic school, and it's at the officer's discretion.

6 Hours to Complete

The Idaho Defensive Driving Course will take 6-hours to complete, per ITD requirements.

Step 2

Take the class

Once you complete registration, you can immediately access our easy, self-paced course, which consists of five units. Take the course at your own pace. You can take as many breaks as you want - sign in and out as often as you like. The system will keep track of your progress. The Idaho Defensive Driving course will take 6 hours to complete, per Idaho Transportation Department requirements.

Step 3

Pass your test

You must pass the 25-question exam with 80% or greater. To help you pass, we allow unlimited attempts of the exam without any extra cost to you. You are 100% guaranteed to pass.

Certificate of Completion

Download your FREE certificate of completion immediately once you pass the test.

Free E-File

We submit your certificate of completion electronically to the ITD DMV.

Step 4

Leave the rest to us

When you successfully pass the exam, your Certificate of Completion will be available instantly for you to download and print. Keep this copy as proof of your completion for your records. As part of our service, we will submit your completion to the Idaho Department of Transportation (DMV) on your behalf electronically. There is no need for you to show your certificate of completion.

If you take the course due to a court order, you will need to show the court your completion for credit. We only submit your completion to the ITD.

Check your eligibility

Am I eligible to take Idaho traffic school online?

By taking the Idaho Defensive Driving Course, up to three points will be removed from your driving record. Idaho traffic school only reduces traffic points and does not remove convictions from your driving record.

Check your eligibility

You can take a defensive driving course once every 3 years.

You are eligible if you have not taken an Idaho Defensive Driving Course (DDC) or Traffic Safety Education Course (TSC) class in the past three years. Eligibility is based on the date when you completed your last course.

Check your eligibility

Commercial license holders are not eligible for defensive driving.

If you have a commercial license, you are NOT eligible for a defensive driving course regardless of whether you got the ticket in a commercial vehicle or not.

Check your eligibility

A court ordered this course.

The traffic court judge may give you the option of a defensive driving course to dismiss your violation or as part of other court requirements.

Check your eligibility

Other restrictions...

  • An Idaho Defensive Driving course will not remove any convictions from the driver's license record. It only reduces points.
  • Once a license suspension has begun, the suspension will not be waived by attending a defensive driving course.
  • This course cannot be used as credit toward future points if there are no points on the driver's record.


Most Popular Idaho Traffic School Questions

General Information

What is Defensive Driving Course (DDC) in Idaho?

In Idaho, the Defensive Driving Course is also known as the following names:

  • Driver Improvement Class
  • Accident Prevention Course
  • Traffic Safety Education Program (TSEP)

All of these names are sometimes used interchangeable, but they are all the same course. Completing any of these courses will help a driver reduce the number of points associated with your driving record.

About the Course


What happens if I don't pass the final exam?

Most students pass the final exam the first time. The exam consists of 25 questions, and a passing score is 80%. If you don't pass the final exam the first time, you can retake the final exam as many times as you need to pass. You can always go back and review material during or after the exam.

How fast will my certificate of completion be processed?

Your Certificate of Completion is generated automatically by our system when your complete your course. It is available immediately to download FREE for your records. We will submit your certificate of completion to the ITD DMV for credit. Please allow 1-2 weeks for the ITD DMV to process the completion and apply the credit to your driving record. Please note that the ITD DMV will not contact you or us once the points have been reduced on your driving record. You will need to follow-up with the ITD DMV to ensure the points have been reduced.

How do I get a duplicate copy of my certificate of completion?

You can always download, print, or save a copy of your certificate of completion directly from our website, for no additional charge, and it is available immediately once you pass the final exam.

If you need a printed copy of your certificate of completion, you can purchase one from your course history page.

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I'm happy that this is out there.
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Class went great.
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The course was about 6 hours long but reduced three points from my record right away once processed by my state’s DOT. Very quality studying material and a simple test at the end.
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Generally a good reminder of safe driving habits of careful drivers. Well written, easy to follow.
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