8 Common AZ Traffic School Mistakes You’re Probably Making

(And How To Fix Them)

Online Traffic School can be overwhelming - trying to navigate through the 100’s of providers; you don’t know who to believe. BUT, we are here to help. Here are the 8 top mistakes when taking Online Traffic School in Arizona, also known as the Defensive Driving Course. We hope these tips help you out in making a decision when picking a school provider.
8 Traffic School Mistakes and How to Fix Them
  1. Waiting until the Last Minute

    This is the #1 mistake. So ... don’t do it!!! Defensive Driving School must be completed seven days before your court/due date on your ticket. Now, we know that life happens to all of us and we run out of time. In Arizona, you can request an extension from the court. It can be as simple as calling the court and requesting it over the phone in most cases. Again, don’t wait until the last minute. You never know if technical issues might hit you or (heaven forbid) a power outage might prevent you from signing in to complete your course.

  2. Misplacing Your Ticket

    You will need your ticket when enrolling for an Arizona Defensive Driving course in person or online. The ticket has all the information the school provider needs to report your defensive driving school completion correctly. If for some reason you misplaced, lost, or ripped up your ticket up in a fit of rage, we understand. You can obtain a copy of your ticket by calling the court and requesting it. In most cases, the court can email you a copy.

  3. Taking A Classroom Course

    We are in the 21st century and technology continue to make our life’s easier and more convenient. Taking an in-classroom class with our fast pace of life can be a drag. Why not take it on the go or at your own pace at home. Online Traffic School does allow you to break up your learning and you don’t have to be confined in a room for 4 hours. Also, keep in mind in-classroom Defensive Driving courses can be more expensive. The providers have to pay for a live instructor which hicks up the price. Traffic School Online learning is cheaper and flexible.

  4. Taking An Online Course

    You may be thinking, why is this a mistake? Well ... this applies to all of those who are technically challenged. You know who you are. No need to point fingers! If this is you, we HIGHLY recommend you take an in-classroom Traffic School course. Trust us when we say, it will make your life a lot simpler. The State of Arizona has a couple of requirements that can be challenging for a person that is not comfortable using technology.

    1. Before you can get started on your online defensive driving class, you will need to provide the online provider a copy of your ticket and driver’s license. This can be a challenge if you don’t have a scanner, smartphone, or fax machine.
    2. Online Defensive Driving providers must administer a 25-question exam. Each question must be answered within 30 seconds. This can be challenging if you don’t feel comfortable using a computer.

    If you need a list of Arizona Approved Defensive Driving Course Providers who offer in-classroom classes, check out the azcourts.gov website.

  5. Missing The 7-Day Rule

    Arizona requires that you complete your Online Traffic School at least seven days before your due date or court date. This allows for processing time. The Online Traffic School provider must collect the state and court fees from you during registration. After you pass your course, the school cuts a physical check and sends those fees to the court and state departments respectfully. You can always contact the court for an extension if you are within the seven day period.

  6. Signing Up For The Incorrect Course

    In Arizona, there are two traffic school courses. Make sure you sign up for the correct course.

    Defensive Driving Course is NOT the same as Traffic Survival School.

    The defensive driving course can be taken online or in a classroom setting. Traffic Survival School must be done in person (it is not allowed to be taken online).

    The defensive driving course is for dismissing a minor traffic ticket violations. Click on the link for the list of the approved traffic violations.

    The Arizona DOT orders traffic Survival School if you have been convicted of certain violations and to prevent a driver’s license suspension.

    If you are still unsure of what class to take, please contact the school provider for clarification. You don’t want to take a course you won’t need.

  7. Expecting The Defensive Driving Course To Be Less Than 4 Hours

    The Defensive Driving Course is mandated to be 4 hours long. There is no working around that.

  8. Not Checking With The Court 2-3 Weeks After Completing To Ensure Your Case is Closed

    So, you got our certificate and you are done! One last check you want to do is to contact the court to make sure they have cleared your ticket. In most cases, everything goes smoothly after you have finished your course. The course provider will submit your certificate electronically and send out your fees to the state and the court. It’s always a good idea to check with the court that everything has closed out correctly. Please ensure you contact the court first; the course provider can only see if they have sent out your payment and certificate.

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